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Information About `Kirikou (Europe) (En,Fr,De).7z' for `Sony Playstation'

File Info

  • Kirikou (Europe) (En,Fr,De).7z
  • Size: 384.746M
  • Date: 2010:09:10 06:31:25
  • System: Sony Playstation
  • Downloaded: 4886 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> wili

yo..... susah amat download game na

<anonymous> ifriqhua

Hi!! I was wondering if you can fix kirikou Rom! When I try to extract it, it fails to extract:( so hard to find this game any where. It also says this file is corrupted. Can you please fix it!!! Please let me know when its fixed!! Email thanks!!!!:)

<palakika> ifriqhua

Hi, I downloaded kirikou, and it extracted this time! But when I try to play it, it says loading but then goes to black screen and shuts off on my playstation emulator. And I see that it says bin at the end of file? I have the little mermaid 2 and it says img not bin. Is this why kirikou not playing correctly? Please tell me what I should do!! Thanks, and thank you so much for trying to fix it!!! That means alot!! Awsome site keep up the excellent work!! Ifriqhua. My email is up on the second post comment!!

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