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Information About `Sonic_Colours_EUR_NDS-iND.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • Sonic_Colours_EUR_NDS-iND.7z
  • Size: 43.324M
  • Date: 2010:11:10 11:02:36
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 12837 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> Overlord Nadrian

This game is awesome, much better than most previous Sonic games.

<anonymous> kragzy

please let this work on r4 with wood played demo the other day great little game thanks for excellent rom nitro

<anonymous> kragzy

seems to be working fine on r4 with wood 1.15 im few levels in enjoying it av a break from 360 black ops lol

<anonymous> Skittles

works fine on r4 wood only problem is it can't save:S help please(A)

<anonymous> iwantndsroms

This site is the best! i can get 1.70mb per second download on here this file took about 5 seconds nds9 takes all day !

<anonymous> Thalys

This game is fuck

<anonymous> BlueStreak

Well, doesn't seem to work on the DSTT. At least, not for me anyway. Starts to load then just says ERROR LOADING.

<anonymous> mmmmmmmmmmmh

seems to work at the begining of the game, you can play the 3 first levels but you can't play the next level (black screen) it's a pity :'-(

<anonymous> Jinx

any new Unofficial DSTT kernels around?

<anonymous> Jinx

any new Unofficial DSTT kernels around?

<anonymous> yoritomo

cheers m8 keep it up

<anonymous> deathword

work the on acekard

<anonymous> pioii

does it work on dstti

<anonymous> tester

This works fine using Wood R4 1.16

<anonymous> maka

Hey hat iwer den crack für das game?

<anonymous> gamekings dutch

he guys it works on r4 wood 1.16 or wait for 1.16.1 it's in a test fase the new frimware it will come next week or later

<anonymous> coment

does this work for acekard

<anonymous> nosebreaker

Hi jinx, here you can download the newest DSTT Kernel(unofficial): MfG nosebreaker

<anonymous> ※注意しましょう※

日本人の方様、これは普通的に起動することができ、できます。 きをつけましょう!

<anonymous> Piemel

hee neuken ,,,, Je moder is helekaal kapot verneukt met tromlullen

<anonymous> FriKo

Does not wrok: ROM LOADING FAILED LOAD RM ERRCODE=-4 PLS Help: How to solve this??

<anonymous> johnny2k4

SuperCARD DSTWO = Works like a charm.

<anonymous> stef

where is super mario 64 ds in frensh

<anonymous> Unknown

Piemel,houd op. Dit is bedoeld om een japanse site te zijn. Als je daar mee doorgaat krijg je een IP ban.

<anonymous> Mierenking

heb geprobeerd op me r4 met firmware 1.18 maar werkt niet. jammer jongens gemiste kans

<anonymous> unown 2

stef just type in the search mario french

<anonymous> kutlul

hoer eet mijn ballen en je kut moeder

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