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Information About `Super_Scribblenauts_USA_NDS-iND.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • Super_Scribblenauts_USA_NDS-iND.7z
  • Size: 14.700M
  • Date: 2010:10:12 12:45:50
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 8059 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> cheese

it prbably won't work for me

<anonymous> HIIIIIIIIIII

it didn't work and it would have been fun if it worked

<anonymous> Ichigo Kurosaki

It works for meee it should work for you (Getsuga Tensho) (Tensa Zangetsu) (Final Getsuga Tensho)

<anonymous> AGA BOY

I like poo it is tasty like so tasty

<anonymous> me!!

the 503 service error means that you can only download one thing at a time it may take ages but its worth it ( it would take ages depending on how many games you are downloading)

<anonymous> MineCrafter 12345678910

I need a .nds file format... this is 7z format anyone know how to change to .nds

<anonymous> Kutje

Ik hou heel erg veel van poep en seks allebij heel erg lekker

<anonymous> Kutje

wie houd er hier van seks zeg dan SEKS IS LEKKER hahaha

<anonymous> Exerox

the 503 error means that your downloading multiple things at once, ur not allowed to

<anonymous> Ninetailedfox

To change it into an nds format right click the file you downloaded and the click extract here, after that a folder should pop up in the same window open the folder and highlight all the files then right click and select extract here again and then you should have the NDS file, I had trouble with this too but I hope I make sense

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