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Information About `Crash Bandicoot (USA).7z' for `Sony Playstation'

File Info

  • Crash Bandicoot (USA).7z
  • Size: 428.403M
  • Date: 2010:09:09 20:50:14
  • System: Sony Playstation
  • Downloaded: 22463 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> agim

the best game the best

<anonymous> clark

the best game ever

<anonymous> brytalbryan

goin back 13 years from now

<anonymous> tota

the Game the pest -_- >>>

<simonpenalosajr> lennon

nice game ever played

<anonymous> Heaven to Touch

Thank you for much

<HaloSlayer255> HaloSlayer255

I remember playing this and all of the other Crash Bandicoot games when I was a kid, although I do not think I made it to 100%. Thats what makes this game good it provides a moderate challenge to the user

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