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Information About `Dragon_Quest_IX_Sentinels_of_the_Starry_Skies_USA_NDS-BAHAMUT.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • Dragon_Quest_IX_Sentinels_of_the_Starry_Skies_USA_NDS-BAHAMUT.7z
  • Size: 127.305M
  • Date: 2010:07:08 14:26:18
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 23115 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> luckylady bug

downloaded and the file was bad

<anonymous> Hyun949

it has anti-piracy lock it needs a crack

<anonymous> Diego

So, any1 knows what to do?

<anonymous> 2mb-hogu

plz~!! someone makes crack-file!!

<anonymous> 2mb-hogu

근데 여기에 한글로도 써지냐??

<anonymous> anonyme

Cracked version by XENOM password :stormy

<anonymous> porunga

anonyme// Thanks!! :)

<anonymous> 해골천사DS

한글 써진다.

<anonymous> spirtoman

doesn't work on m3ds

<anonymous> ㅇㄹ

한글써지네 ㅋㅋㅇㅋ

<anonymous> twizted

thanks! works like a charm on R4Wood v1.10

<anonymous> GuiRED

yes, it's works perfectly on R4 Wood :D thanks anonyme

<anonymous> ㅎㅇ

오오 한국인 많군 !!!

<anonymous> Ck 사랑해!!

ㅋㅋㅋ 와우... 글개!! 한국인 많다

<anonymous> meer

it works on EDGE...

<anonymous> anonyme

Cracked XENOM Release pw: stormy

<anonymous> gayfer

me no rikey repacked xenom, can someone please upload a scene version of the original zip

<anonymous> 다크군

롬파일 깨졌다던데 엉터리네..

<anonymous> 나그네

전에는 엉터리파일이였는데 수정해서 올라왔나보네.

<anonymous> 나그네

아니네. 그대로 엉터리 파일이네 -_-

<anonymous> Shinogun

Wheres The US version download

<anonymous> Someone who wants to know something

What about the language of this game? Is it in French or what?

<anonymous> Viper

No, that is just where the download server is located. It is in English.

<anonymous> Is this...

OK? I mean the rom file. Is it still cracked or what?

<anonymous> White

I think this rom file still cracked.

<anonymous> bot01

wonder why an us game has a server in luxemburg

<anonymous> taiko

is this work in r4 wood?

<anonymous> SlenderMan

Confirmed: works on ttds and r4 cards

<anonymous> bot01 is a retard

because if they hosted stuff in America the site would be taken down faster than yo mama spreads her legs for yo papa.

<anonymous> japan

what do u mean craked?

<anonymous> 구루릉

is this game real usa version? 아니면 일본판 ??

<anonymous> Herobrine knows were u live

is this game patched?

<anonymous> ILoveRPG

Awhh man it doesnt work on my R4 card.. I downloaded it,then placed on r4 card then created an character then there came 3 of those blue bubbles down and then they went gone and the game went black screen...

<anonymous> kwuXVcKz

I was sreiuosly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

<anonymous> roshe run

. roshe run

<anonymous> doudoune pjs pas cher

This is a reply!...Thank you for your doudoune pjs pas cher

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