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Information About `The_Legend_Of_Zelda_Twilight_Princess_USA_NGC-FA.7z' for `Nintendo GameCube'

File Info

  • The_Legend_Of_Zelda_Twilight_Princess_USA_NGC-FA.7z
  • Size: 1.360G
  • Date: 2006:12:12 13:51:19
  • System: Nintendo GameCube
  • Downloaded: 11554 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> kashef3232423

this game is veere cool

<anonymous> Castle

Ohhh yea you're right this game is best!!

<anonymous> pc hacker

ive never played it

<anonymous> Nozomi

How to run it ? There''s a ton of .r00 .r01 ..... files... I don't understand....

<anonymous> gamer

does this game work

<anonymous> guide

There are many file here and do it right and get a iso file then extract fa-lztp.r00. This makes it an iso file of it.

<anonymous> victim

why's all with me?? i have tried to download this game million times but am unsuccessful.... please guide me

<anonymous> TheDrunkNord

Get this right now it is awesome, definately a 9/10, and if you havent play Zelda ocarina of time also make sure you play that, they are both the best of the zelda series!

<anonymous> DAVID


<anonymous> Deal

Do i need to do anything other than download this.

<anonymous> Bill

How to Extract It...

<anonymous> Zeldafreakdude

i try 2 download but it always ends up as a windows media file help??

<anonymous> lollolo

1 hour to download... nooooooo

<anonymous> Some1

Greater than 12 hours????????????!!!!!

<anonymous> suzanne trikolon

je n'arrive pas a le telecharger

<comando3212> nicknem

comment qwerty gogo have fun awsome website

<fart995> fartmaker

cool game i am planing on downloading this

<PenguinNinja007> person


<Toastycow> TOASTYCOW

How much quota do I need?

<jomy1> ElJomy

WOOOOOOOAAHHH!! Thx alottt i really want this gameee!! :D

<Zylexiaa> gryffin

This was an awesome game on the gamecube, didn't really like the wii version though, so definitely going to get the gamecube version!

<edwd2> edwd2

Definitely one of the best zelda games!!!

<Firl75> Tucker

Yes would really like to know how much quota u need to download this game

<anonymous> ZeldaFreak


<dollar08> dollar08

wow this is a very good game (Y)

<thecreator08642> thecreator

this is an awsome game! i love it and i hopoe other do too

<JORGECEOM> Jorgeceom

Oww... this game is really AMAZING!

<JORGECEOM> Jorgeceom

The game is GREAT!

<gamegod> gamegod

awesome game awesome series nitroroms is the best

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<anonymous> 김태후


<anonymous> super dry

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