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Information About `New_Super_Mario_Bros_EUR_NDS-LiTE.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • New_Super_Mario_Bros_EUR_NDS-LiTE.7z
  • Size: 32.023M
  • Date: 2008:05:02 21:55:00
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 26794 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> farid

new super mario bros

<anonymous> farid

new super maro bros

<anonymous> farid

i love nitro roms

<anonymous> ianz

how to jet it to r4??

<anonymous> ianz

what happen my moonshelll where????? where i can find copy of moonshell

<anonymous> jojojojo

can i not whit wirwar downloaden?

<anonymous> from mickey to ianz

you clicked on download now. than you clicked on save. than have you a menu en clicked you on save. he is in download. is the download clear you clicked on open it en you copied it to the micro SD card. it go to loadding. than you clicked on the game en clikked whit the left mouse on a winRAR. then you clicked on 'here unfold' and than you putted the game to your R4. mickey.

<anonymous> siddharth

i love nitro roms thanks for upload it

<anonymous> mickey

love on nitroroms!!!!!

<anonymous> bobby

graet site tnkx nitro

<anonymous> Castle

Thank you for upload this game:)

<anonymous> hi me

im american can i still downlowd it plz anser back

<anonymous> hi me

do you connect your DS to have the hacks

<anonymous> FrayByNighty

I love it! :) Thank you very much.

<anonymous> shubka

i love nitro roms thanks for upload it

<anonymous> lolo

comment on fait pour l avoir ?

<anonymous> Juju

Hello I can have this play is normaly ?

<anonymous> de luluu

Oe marsheert da ?

<anonymous> sdyukfxuil

how do i download

<anonymous> Ashlay

thnx for the download

<anonymous> poopie

how the fuck do i download it ffs

<anonymous> mother

i fucking do not know how download it on to my R4

<anonymous> k-dogg raw styles

did you save exe as .ds and .save

<anonymous> BlackAdder

@ de luluu: as ge ni wét oe da marcheert, dan moette ie ni zaain. Leest eeist is wa...

<anonymous> chunky joe

oh yeaah in nitroroms got nsmb nds in my ds i xl burgundy with r4 its really easy

<anonymous> jojo

pk sa marche pa on fait comen

<anonymous> Andy

This game is fun as hell

<anonymous> jojo

c bon jai réussi a faire marcher

<anonymous> rambokiller03

il faut cliquer sur download now et aller faire un petit tour dans vos téléchargement =)

<anonymous> nnnnnnnnnnnn

How many comments here are actually about the game?

<anonymous> Anonymous

This game is...SPARTAAAAA!!

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