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Information About `Pokemon_Pearl_USA_NDS-LGC.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • Pokemon_Pearl_USA_NDS-LGC.7z
  • Size: 26.689M
  • Date: 2006:06:26 11:32:06
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 9095 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> paul

any one have shiny pokemon if you have plz tell me how to get it

<anonymous> Thon

shiny are absolutely rare. about 1 of 2500 of chances to MEET instead of normal one (to catch depends on your doings of course) if i remeber correct

<anonymous> nathan

How can i download this game?

<anonymous> j-son

wooo!man at last i found it .this game was the dream of it

<anonymous> Doll Girl

You can hack the game to always have shiny. But yes it's 1/8192 chance to get a shiny.

<anonymous> superdry soldes

This is a reply!...Thank you for your topic!... superdry soldes

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