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Information About `MySims_Kingdom_KOR_NDS-NEREiD.7z' for `Nintendo DS'

File Info

  • MySims_Kingdom_KOR_NDS-NEREiD.7z
  • Size: 33.928M
  • Date: 2009:03:22 20:11:02
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Downloaded: 958 Times





Comments for this File

<anonymous> 한국인

한국인 있나염...-__;;

<anonymous> 미쿡인

미쿡인있어요 항쿡말잘 못해요

<anonymous> 지랄하네

미국인은 무슨

<StarDust> StarDust

Even the Ds is old for know,theres so many great games on it :Ğ

<anonymous> Korean

I'm Korean I'm not good at english

<anonymous> One man who spells Obviously nice

Why there's people who won't download this? I've never played this too bad, it's much funny. and I'm korean dat spelling +3+

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