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{locale!region} System Name #↓ Size
  Nintendo SNES Super Turrican 2.7z 225 1M
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr][t].st 205 880K
  Nintendo SNES Super Turrican.7z 153 389K
  Atari ST Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Empire][t].st 133 902K
  Sega Genesis Mega Turrican.7z 133 527K
  Nintendo NES Super Turrican.7z 84 92K
  Sega Genesis Turrican.7z 71 258K
  PC Engine TG16 Turrican (U).pce 64 256K
  Nintendo Wii Mega.Turrican.USA.VC.Wii-DiPLODOCUS.7z 60 13M
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Replicants][t].st 45 880K
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (1991)(Rainbow Arts).tap 44 2M
  Nintendo GBC Turrican.7z 41 71K
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Replicants - ST Amigos][t].st 35 880K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cd UTC][l Turrican Tape].tap 32 2M
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[a].tap 33 2M
  Atari ST Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Empire][t][a].st 32 800K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[o2][l Turrican Tape].tap 25 2M
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican (19xx)(Rainbow Arts)(128k).z80 26 34K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(128k).tap 22 348K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[o][l Turrican Tape].tap 20 2M
  Sega GameGear GG Turrican Demo by Martin Konrad.7z 16 92K
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (playable preview) (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr L + T].lnx 12 55K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Power Up - Turrican (1991)(Ocean Software)[Compilation].tzx 12 272K
  AmstradCPC Turrican 2 (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2).dsk 11 220K
  AmstradCPC Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2).dsk 11 190K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican 2 (1991)(Rainbow Arts).Slt 9 351K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts).tzx 9 273K
  PC Engine TG16 Turrican (U) [b1].pce 9 255K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican (1990)(Kixx)[Re-Release].tzx 8 260K
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