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{locale!region} System Name #↓ Size
  Nintendo SNES Super Turrican 2.7z 207 1M
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr][t].st 180 880K
  Nintendo SNES Super Turrican.7z 136 389K
  Atari ST Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Empire][t].st 121 902K
  Sega Genesis Mega Turrican.7z 117 527K
  Nintendo NES Super Turrican.7z 72 92K
  Sega Genesis Turrican.7z 59 258K
  PC Engine TG16 Turrican (U).pce 57 256K
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Replicants][t].st 38 880K
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (1991)(Rainbow Arts).tap 37 2M
  Nintendo GBC Turrican.7z 32 71K
  Nintendo Wii Mega.Turrican.USA.VC.Wii-DiPLODOCUS.7z 31 13M
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[a].tap 29 2M
  Atari ST Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Empire][t][a].st 25 800K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cd UTC][l Turrican Tape].tap 25 2M
  Atari ST Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Replicants - ST Amigos][t].st 24 880K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[o2][l Turrican Tape].tap 24 2M
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican (19xx)(Rainbow Arts)(128k).z80 22 34K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican II (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(128k).tap 17 348K
  Sega GameGear GG Turrican Demo by Martin Konrad.7z 15 92K
  Commodore 64 Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[o][l Turrican Tape].tap 12 2M
  Commodore 64 Turrican II - The Final Fight (playable preview) (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[cr L + T].lnx 12 55K
  AmstradCPC Turrican 2 (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2).dsk 10 220K
  AmstradCPC Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2).dsk 10 190K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Power Up - Turrican (1991)(Ocean Software)[Compilation].tzx 9 272K
  PC Engine TG16 Turrican (U) [b1].pce 9 255K
  AmstradCPC Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2).dsk 8 190K
  PC Engine TG16 Turrican (U) [h1].pce 8 256K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Turrican 2 (1991)(Rainbow Arts).Slt 7 351K
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