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  Nintendo 3DS The.Adventures.of.Tintin.The.Secret.of.the.Unicorn.EUR.3DS-CONTRAST.7z 3109 416M
  Sony Playstation Liquid Books Adventure 4 - The Adventures of Adelita and Bo (USA).7z 109 272M
  Sega Genesis Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Adventures of.7z 49 480K
  Atari 8Bit Fish, The - Adventures of Mr. Fish v1.00 (1995)(Ken Siders)(PD)[k-file].atr 4 9K
  Atari 8Bit Fish, The - Adventures of Mr. Fish v1.00 (1995)(Ken Siders)(PD)[a][k-file].atr 2 9K
  Atari 8Bit Fish, The - Adventures of Mr. Fish v1.00 (1995)(Ken Siders)(PD).xex 1 8K
  Atari 8Bit Fish, The - Adventures of Mr. Fish v1.00 (1995)(Ken Siders)(PD)[a].xex 1 8K
  Nintendo DS Lego_Indiana_Jones_The_Original_Adventures_USA_NDS-Micronauts.7z 7609 49M
  Nintendo GameCube The_Legend_Of_Zelda_Four_Swords_Adventures_USA_GC-iSOSPHERE.7z 5859 170M
  Nintendo 3DS PacMan_and_the_Ghostly_Adventures_3DS-VENOM.7z 3463 172M
  Nintendo SNES Adventures of Tintin, The - Prisoners of the Sun.7z 1704 1M
  Nintendo Wii Adventures.of.Sherlock.Holmes.The.Silver.Earring.PAL.WII-SUSHi.7z 1813 4G
  Nintendo DS Mysterious_Adventures_in_the_Caribbean_EUR_MULTi3_NDS-P2PSAURUS.7z 1210 9M
  Nintendo 3DS The_Adventures_of_Tintin_USA_3DS-VENOM.7z 1175 413M
  Sony Playstation Adventures of Lomax, The (USA).7z 1038 544M
  Nintendo DS Amazing_Adventures_The_Forgotten_Ruins_EUR_NDS-WetNWild.7z 986 13M
  Sony Playstation Adventures of Alundra, The (Europe).7z 998 260M
  Nintendo DS Elebits_The_Adventures_Of_Kai_And_Zero_USA_NDS-XPA.7z 704 25M
  Nintendo DS Amazing_Adventures_The_Forgotten_Ruins_EUR_MULTi5_NDS-BAHAMUT.7z 667 13M
  Sony Playstation Portable Blimp_-_The_Flying_Adventures_USA_PSN_PSP-NRP.7z 703 34M
  Sony Playstation Portable The.2D.Adventures.of.Rotating.Octopus.Character.USA.PSN.PSP-RANT.7z 622 18M
  Nintendo SNES Adventures of Batman & Robin, The.7z 622 1M
  Sony Playstation 2 Winnie_The_Pooh_Rumbly_Tumbly_Adventures_USA_PS2DVD-STRiKE.7z 563 919M
  Nintendo GameCube The_Adventures_Of_Jimmy_Neutron_Jet_Fusion_PAL_NGC-SUNSHiNE.7z 560 984M
  Sony Playstation Portable The_2D_Adventures_of_Rotating_Octopus_Character_EUR_PSN_PSP-PLAYASiA.7z 549 17M
  Sony Playstation Portable Dr._Maybee_and_the_Adventures_of_Scarygirl_USA_PSN_PSP-PLAYTHIS.7z 594 11M
  Nintendo DS Eledees_The_Adventures_of_Kai_and_Zero_EUR_MULTi5_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 442 25M
  Nintendo DS Amazing_Adventures_The_Forgotten_Ruins_USA_NDS-OneUp.7z 439 13M
  Sony Playstation Portable Dr_Maybee_and_the_Adventures_of_Scarygirl_EUR_PSN_PSP-PLAYASiA.7z 396 11M
  Nintendo DS Elebits_The_Adventures_of_Kai_And_Zero_BETA_USA_NDS-iND.7z 379 26M
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