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  Sony Playstation SaGa Frontier II (Japan).7z 25416 190M
  Sony Playstation SaGa Frontier (Japan).7z 24914 156M
Nintendo DS SaGa_3_Jikuu_no_Hasha_Shadow_or_Light_JPN_NDS-RobotKillers.7z 21491 53M
Nintendo DS Mugen_no_Frontier_-_Super_Robot_Taisen_OG_Saga_JPN_NDS-iND.7z 18514 78M
Nintendo DS Saga_2_Hihou_Densetsu_Goddess_of_Destiny_JAP_NDS-PLAYiT.7z 18560 48M
Nintendo DS Super_Robot_Taisen_OG_Saga_-_Masou_Kishin_-_The_Lord_of_Elemental_JPN_NDS-iND.7z 16860 50M
  Nintendo SNES Romancing SaGa 3.7z 14715 2M
  Sony Playstation Portable Crimson_Gem_Saga_USA_PSP-BAHAMUT.7z 14384 496M
  Nintendo DS Super_Robot_Taisen_OG_Saga_Endless_Frontier_USA_NDS-OneUp.7z 9680 81M
  Nintendo DS Lego_Star_Wars_The_Complete_Saga_USA_NDS-Micronauts.7z 8933 50M
  Sony Playstation Portable Unbound_Saga_USA_PSN_PSP-pSyPSP.7z 6666 212M
Nintendo DS Mugen_no_Frontier_Exceed_Super_Robot_Taisen_OG_Saga_JAP_NDS-MainichiHentaiShimbun.7z 6276 179M
  Nintendo DS LEGO_Star_Wars_The_Complete_Saga_EUR_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 5953 50M
  Sony Playstation Incredible Hulk, The - The Pantheon Saga (USA).7z 5715 488M
  Sony Playstation Wizardry - Llylgamyn Saga (Japan) (En,Ja).7z 3724 189M
Nintendo DS Zoids_Saga_JPN_NDS-MODE7.7z 2975 10M
  Sony Playstation SaGa Frontier 2 (USA).7z 2823 192M
  Sega Saturn Panzer Dragoon Saga Disc 1 of 4 (U).zip 2418 474M
  Nintendo SNES Romancing SaGa 2.7z 2419 1M
Sony Playstation Portable Ys_vs_Sora_no_Kiseki_Alternative_Saga_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUT.7z 2331 1G
  Nintendo DS LEGO_Star_Wars_Die_komplette_Saga_EUR_NDS-LiTE.7z 2198 64M
  Sony Playstation SaGa Frontier (USA).7z 2072 156M
  Sony Playstation WarCraft II - The Dark Saga (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).7z 1993 453M
  Sega Saturn Warcraft 2 The Dark Saga (U).zip 1739 460M
  Nintendo SNES Romancing SaGa.7z 1707 597K
  Sony Playstation 2 The_King_of_Fighters_Collection_The_Orochi_Saga_USA_PS2DVD-PSN.7z 1627 643M
Nintendo DS Metal_Saga_Hagane_no_Kisetsu_JPN_NDS-WRG.7z 1583 15M
  Sega Saturn Panzer Dragoon Saga Disc 2 of 4 (U).zip 1317 413M
  Sony Playstation Granstream Saga, The (USA).7z 1115 348M
  Nintendo GBA Mario_and_Luigi_Superstar_Saga_USA_GBA-RS.7z 1085 6M
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