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  Sony Playstation Getter Robo Daikessen! (Japan).7z 29227 324M
Nintendo DS Okaeri_Chibi_Robo_Happy_Rich_Oosouji_JPN_NDS-HR.7z 9336 21M
Nintendo DS Super_Robo_Gakuen_JPN_NDS-iND.7z 6700 50M
  Nintendo 64 Custom Robo V2.7z 5467 11M
Nintendo DS Gekitou_Custom_Robo_JPN_NDS-LGC.7z 4840 47M
Nintendo DS Chikasete_Chibi-Robo_JPN_NDS-iMPAcT.7z 3247 27M
  Nintendo DS Custom_Robo_Arena_USA_NDS-XPA.7z 1376 47M
  Nintendo 64 Custom Robo.7z 1378 10M
  Nintendo DS Custom_Robo_Arena_EUR_NDS-WetNWild.7z 1255 55M
Nintendo GBA Custom_Robo_GX_JAP_GBA-EURASIA.7z 871 5M
Nintendo DS Souseiki_Gadget_Robo_JPN_NDS-2CH.7z 621 14M
  Nintendo DS Chibi-Robo_Park_Patrol_USA_NDS-Micronauts.7z 419 23M
  Sony Playstation Robo Pit 2 (Japan) (Demo).7z 407 113M
  Nintendo DS Chibi_Robo_Park_Patrol_EUR_NDS-LiTE.7z 380 64M
  Sony Playstation Robo Pit (USA).7z 365 298M
  Sony Playstation Robo Pit 2 (USA).7z 303 56M
  Sharp X68000 Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(System Sacom)(Disk 2 of 2)(Disk B).zip 247 506K
  Sharp X68000 Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(System Sacom)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A).zip 247 463K
PC Engine TG16 Atomic Robo-Kid Special (J).pce 211 512K
  MSX MSX2 Robo Crush (1990)(System Soft)(Jp)(Disk 2 of 2).dsk 150 720K
  Nintendo GBA Action_Man_Robo_Atak_Multi5_EUR_GBA-RS.7z 146 2M
  Sega CD Robo Aleste (E).7z 146 51M
  Nintendo NES Astro Robo Sasa.7z 139 19K
  MSX MSX2 Robo Crush (1990)(System Soft)(Jp)(Disk 1 of 2).dsk 137 720K
Nintendo GBA Harobots_Robo_Hero_Battling_JAP_GBA-Chakky.7z 126 2M
  Nintendo DS Custom_Robo_Arena_Plus3_Patch_USA_NDS-cracker.7z 126 877
  Sega Genesis Atomic Robo-Kid.7z 122 174K
  Nintendo SNES Galaxy Robo.7z 104 731K
  Nintendo NES Robo Warrior.7z 89 72K
  Nintendo DS Custom_Robo_Arena_Plus1_Patch_USA_NDS-cracker.7z 63 703
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