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{locale!region} System Name #↓ Size
  MSX MSX 30 MSX Hits - Oil's Well (19xx)(Aackosoft)(Tape 6 of 6 Side B).cas 175 19K
  MSX MSX Oil's Well (1984)(Comptiq)(Jp-En)[a2].rom 87 32K
  MSX MSX Oil's Well (1984)(Comptiq)(Jp-En)[u][b].rom 62 16K
  MSX MSX Oil'S Well (1984)(Aackosoft).dsk 61 720K
  MSX MSX Oil's Well (1984)(Comptiq)(Jp-En)[a].rom 54 32K
  Coleco ColecoVision Oil's Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line Inc).rom 28 16K
  IBM PC Compatible Oil's Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line Inc).zip 29 52K
  MSX MSX Oil's Well (1984)(Comptiq)(Jp-En)[b].rom 23 32K
  Commodore VIC20 Oil-panic (19xx)(Home Computer).prg 18 2K
  Dragon 32-64 North Sea Oil (1984)(Shards Software).cas 18 26K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Rtty (19xx)(G4OIL).z80 15 15K
  Apple IIGS Oil Landers v0.1 (19xx)(-)[b].zip 15 244K
  Commodore 64 Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra On-Line)[cr Black Go].prg 11 20K
  Apple II Oil Barons (19xx)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 1 Side A)[cr Whip].zip 11 39K
  Dragon 32-64 Oil Recovery (1982)(Premier Microsystems).cas 11 11K
  Apple II Oil Barons (19xx)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 1 Side B)[cr Whip].zip 9 53K
  Coleco ColecoVision Oil's Well (1984)(Sierra On-Line Inc)[a].rom 8 16K
  Apple II Oil-Rig (1981)(C.P.U.).zip 8 50K
  Commodore 64 Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra On-Line)[a].prg 5 11K
  Commodore 64 Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra On-Line).prg 5 8K
  Commodore 64 Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra On-Line).crt 4 16K
  Atari 8Bit Oil Miner (19xx)(-)[bas2boot].atr 3 9K
  Commodore 64 ZZZ_UNK OIL-IMP.prg 2 183
  Tangerine Oric Oil Leak (19xx)(-)(Fr).tap 1 4K
  Atari 8Bit Oil Demo (19xx)(Eureca).com 1 36K

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