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  Nintendo 3DS The.Legend.of.Zelda.A.Link.Between.Worlds.EUR.3DS-CONTRAST.7z 41554 715M
  Nintendo SNES Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past.7z 5598 2M
  Nintendo Wii Zelda.II.The.Adventure.of.Link.USA.PROPER.VC.Wii-OneUp.7z 3055 12M
Sony Playstation Portable Dot_Hack_Link_JPN_PSP-Caravan.7z 2762 728M
  Nintendo NES Zelda II - The Adventure of Link.7z 2429 173K
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Atlantic_Quest_MULTi2_NDS-ABSTRAKT.7z 2214 4M
  Nintendo GBC Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening.7z 2105 1012K
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Chronicles_Legend_of_Athena_EUR_MULTi4_NDS-WetNWild.7z 1588 5M
Nintendo GBA Famicom_Mini_Vol_25_The_Legend_of_Zelda_2_Link_no_Bouken_JPN_GBA-Caravan.7z 1450 3M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Legend_of_Atlantis_EUR_MULTi5_REPACK_NDS-ABSTRAKT.7z 1241 6M
  Nintendo GBA The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_To_The_Past_USA_GBA-MODE7.7z 1191 3M
  Nintendo GBA The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_Four_Swords-EURO_MULTI5_GBA-CEZAR.7z 1092 3M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Atlantic_Quest_NDS-ABSTRAKT.7z 964 3M
  Nintendo DS Pokemon_Link_EUR_NDS-LGC.7z 946 10M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Mysteries_Mountains_of_Madness_EUR_MULTi4_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 890 13M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Legend_of_Atlantis_NDS-VENOM.7z 794 6M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Legend_of_Atlantis_EUR_MULTi5_NDS-ABSTRAKT.7z 619 6M
  Nintendo Wii 675 13M
Nintendo DS Puzzle_Series_Vol5_Slither_Link_JPN_NDS-WRG.7z 522 3M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Safari_Quest_EUR_MULTi3_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 508 2M
  Sega Saturn Net Link Web Browser 1.011 (U).zip 469 15M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Chronicles_Mountains_of_Madness_USA_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 482 13M
  Nintendo GBA The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_To_The_Past_REDUMP_USA_GBA-mUG.7z 408 3M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Galactic_Quest_EUR_NDS-PUSSYCAT.7z 370 3M
  Sony Playstation Solid Link - Tower Side (Japan).7z 348 2M
  Sony Playstation Solid Link - Dungeon Side (Japan).7z 330 2M
  Sony Playstation Weakest Link, The (USA).7z 311 315M
  Nintendo GBA Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_Four_Swords_EURO_Final_Save_GBA-bug.7z 297 2K
  Nintendo GBC Super Robot Taisen - Link Battler.7z 276 402K
  Sharp X68000 Disk System Opening Collection 1 Link No Bouken (1993)(Kami - Onishouji).zip 156 63K
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