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Nintendo DS Hudson_x_GReeeeN_Live_DeeeeS_JPN_NDS-BAHAMUT.7z 3329 237M
Sega Dreamcast (GDI-roms) Kita He - White Illumination v2.002 (1999)(Hudson)(NTSC)(JP)[!].zip 427 845M
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_Vol5_Shooting_Collection_JPN_GBA-WRG.7z 322 344K
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_2_JPN_GBA-Caravan.7z 313 282K
  Nintendo NES Hudson's Adventure Island.7z 301 102K
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_3_JPN_GBA-Caravan.7z 283 348K
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_6_JPN_GBA-Caravan.7z 281 766K
  Sharp X68000 Human 68k v3.02 (1993)(Sharp - Hudson).zip 276 421K
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_1_JPN_GBA-Caravan.7z 276 295K
Nintendo GBA Hudson_Best_Collection_4_JAP_GBA-sUppLeX.7z 245 458K
  Nintendo NES Hudson's Adventure Island III.7z 237 128K
  MSX MSX Wonder Boy (1986)(Hudson Soft)(Jp-En).rom 233 32K
  Nintendo NES Hudson's Adventure Island II.7z 228 124K
  Sharp X68000 Momotarou Densetsu (1988)(Hudson Soft).zip 226 411K
  Sharp X68000 Shanghai II (1989)(Hudson).zip 210 417K
  Sharp X68000 Human 68k v3.01 (1993)(Sharp - Hudson).zip 174 403K
  Sharp X68000 Human 68k v2.02 (1991)(Sharp - Hudson).zip 172 445K
  Sharp X68000 Human 68k v3.02 (1993)(Sharp - Hudson)[a].zip 156 421K
  Sharp X68000 Human 68k v2.01 (1989)(Sharp - Hudson).zip 156 449K
  MSX MSX Eric And The Floaters (1983)(Hudson Soft).rom 155 16K
  MSX MSX Bomber Man (1983)(Hudson Soft)(Jp-En).rom 155 8K
  Sharp X68000 Klax (1990)(Hudson).zip 141 337K
  MSX MSX Bomberman Special (1986)(Hudson Soft)(Jp-En).rom 139 32K
  MSX MSX2 Darwin 4078 (1987)(Hudson Soft)(Jp-En).rom 133 128K
  Sharp X68000 Power League (1988)(Hudson).zip 130 186K
  MSX MSX Bomber Man Special (1986)(Hudson Soft).dsk 129 720K
  MSX MSX Bomber King (1988)(Hudson Soft)(Jp-En).rom 119 128K
  Sharp MZ-700 Bomberman (1983)(Hudson Soft).zip 114 3K
  MSX MSX2 Darwin 4078 (1988)(Hudson Soft).dsk 108 720K
  MSX MSX Bousou Tokkyuu Sos (1985)(Hudson Soft).rom 106 32K
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