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{locale!region} System Name #↓ Size
  Nintendo DS Ben_10_Galactic_Racing_EUR_MULTI5_NDS-SUXXORS.7z 1703 16M
  Nintendo DS Galactic_Taz_Ball_EUR_NDS-RFTD.7z 1473 19M
  Nintendo DS Ben_10_Galactic_Racing_NDS-VENOM.7z 1439 16M
  Sony Playstation 3 Ben_10_Galactic_Racing_PS3-CLANDESTiNE.7z 1792 2G
  Nintendo 3DS Ben.10.Galactic.Racing.EUR.3DS-CONTRAST.7z 940 237M
  Nintendo 3DS Ben_10_Galactic_Racing_USA_3DS-VENOM.7z 934 235M
  Nintendo Virtual Boy Galactic Pinball (JU) [!].vb 521 1M
  Nintendo DS Galactic_Taz_Ball_USA_NDS-SUXXORS.7z 284 26M
  Nintendo DS Jewel_Link_Galactic_Quest_EUR_NDS-PUSSYCAT.7z 328 3M
  Sega Master System Galactic Protector (1988)(Sega)(Jp).zip 79 70K
  Nintendo NES Galactic Crusader (Bunch).7z 64 32K
  MSX MSX Galactic Mercenaries (1985)(Infogrames).dsk 53 720K
  Apple II ZZZ-UNK-[compil4] Arena Of Octos - B1 Bomber - City Of Sumer - Galactic Empires - Galaxy! - House Of Usher - Midway - Nukewar - Santa 44 72K
  Fairchild ChannelF Galactic Space Wars & Luna Lander (1978)(Zircon).zip 38 1K
  Watara Supervision Galactic Crusader (199x) (Watara).sv 34 64K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Galactic Games (1988)(Activision)(128k).tzx 31 182K
  Matsushita National JR 200 Galactic Chase (19xx)(-).zip 25 5K
  MSX MSX Galactic Mercenaries (1985)(AA Software)[b].dsk 24 720K
  Commodore VIC20 Neutron Zapper (19xx)(Galactic).prg 27 3K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Galactic Games (1988)(Activision).tap 22 165K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Galactic Games (1988)(Activision)(Side A).tzx 22 11K
  Sega Saturn Galactic Attack (U).zip 18 453M
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Galactic Games (1988)(Activision)(Side B).tzx 21 81K
  Tandy Computer Color Galactic Attack (1982) (26-3066) [!].ccc 17 4K
  Commodore VIC20 Galactic Abductors (1983)(Anirog)(16K).prg 17 19K
  Commodore VIC20 Galactic Crossfire (1982)(MIS).prg 18 3K
  Commodore VIC20 Galactic Blitz (19xx)(-).prg 14 3K
  Atari ST Galactic Empire (19xx)(-)(De-Fr)[cr Empire].st 13 720K
  Dragon 32-64 Galactic Gus (198x)(Quickbeam Software)[f].cas 13 26K
  Apple II Galactic Empire (1980)(Broderbund).zip 11 23K
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