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{locale!region} System Name #↓ Size
Nintendo DS Kirihara_Shoten_Forest_Eigo_at_DS_JPN_NDS-BAHAMUT.7z 1273 15M
  Panasonic 3DO Blue Forest Story Monogatari (1996)(Panasonic)(Jp).zip 1127 203M
  Sony Playstation Blue Forest Story - Kaze no Fuuin (Japan).7z 992 139M
  Sony Playstation Portable Forest_Puzzle_EUR_PSN_PSP-PLAYASiA.7z 666 5M
  Nintendo DS Ecolis_Save_The_Forest_EUR_MULTI5_NDS-SQUiRE.7z 298 5M
  MSX MSX2 Deep Forest (1987)(Xain Soft)(Jp).rom 172 128K
  Nintendo DS Eco_Creatures_Save_the_Forest_USA_NDS-JunkRat.7z 130 5M
  MSX MSX2 Deep Forest (1987)(Xain Soft)(Jp).dsk 129 720K
  Nintendo DS Eco_Creatures_Save_the_Forest_USA_NDS-CNBS.7z 74 5M
  MSX MSX2 Deep Forest (1987)(Xain Soft)(Jp)[a].rom 71 128K
  MSX MSX2 Deep Forest (1987)(Xain Soft)(Jp)[a2].dsk 67 720K
  MSX MSX2 Deep Forest (1987)(Xain Soft)(Jp)[a].dsk 64 720K
  Nintendo GBC Black Forest Tale (Sachen 4-in-1 Vol. 6).7z 47 38K
  Camputers Lynx Brian Rumbelow's The Forest Lynx User #2 Page 9 (19xx)(-).zip 47 962
MSX MSX2 ZZZ-UNK-DP FOREST (JP)(19XX)[V256K].dsk 45 720K
  Commodore 64 Forbidden Forest (19xx)(Cosmi).t64 33 17K
  Apple II Sherwood Forest (1982)(Phoenix)[bin].zip 20 70K
  Apple II Dark Forest (19xx)(-)[b].zip 21 46K
  Atari 8Bit Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi).xex 15 12K
  Commodore 64 Forbidden Forest (1984)(Cosmi)[o][l C64 ROM Tape].tap 15 1M
  Atari 8Bit Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)[k-file].atr 14 13K
  Apple II Sherwood Forest (1982)(Phoenix).zip 14 70K
  Commodore VIC20 Night Forest, the (19xx)(Your Computer)(8K).prg 11 6K
  Apple II Sherwood Forest (1982)(Phoenix)[b].zip 10 70K
  Commodore 64 Dark Forest, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software).t64 9 12K
  Commodore 64 Beyond the Forbidden Forest (1985)(Cosmi).tap 9 1M
  Commodore 64 Forbidden Forest (19xx)(Cosmi)[a].t64 9 17K
  Commodore 64 Forbidden Forest (1984)(Cosmi)[cd UTC][l Novaload].tap 9 305K
  Apple II ZZZ-UNK-[compil4] Hunter's Forest - Rapid Fire Pinball - Super Blast - Twilight Ii 9 47K
  Commodore 64 Chiller - The Forest (1984)(Mastertronic)[cr Section 8].t64 10 50K
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