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  Nintendo DS Boule_et_Bill_Vive_les_Vacances_FRA_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 772 7M
  Nintendo NES Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure.7z 83 110K
  Nintendo NES Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge.7z 73 132K
  Nintendo NES Barker Bill's Trick Shooting.7z 65 61K
  Atari Lynx Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1991)(Atari Corp).lnx 59 256K
  Nintendo SNES Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball.7z 42 175K
  Nintendo SNES Bill Walsh College Football.7z 42 698K
  Nintendo GBC Bill & Ted's Excellent Gameboy Adventure.7z 38 58K
  Nintendo GBC Bill Elliott's NASCAR Fast Tracks.7z 32 54K
  Cybiko Bill Collector v.1.1.1 (199x-200x)(Cybiko Inc.).app 32 16K
  Atari Lynx Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1991)(Atari Corp)[b].lnx 29 256K
  Apple II ZZZ-UNK-[compil4] Bill Budge - Penny Arcade - Raster Blaster - Space Album - Trilogy Of 26 62K
  Sega Genesis Bill Walsh College Football '95.7z 24 733K
  Sega Genesis Bill Walsh College Football.7z 23 461K
  Matsushita National JR 200 Bill Paying (19xx)(-).zip 19 9K
  Dragon 32-64 B.C. Bill (1984)(Imagine Software).cas 16 32K
  Commodore VIC20 VIC 20 Micromon v1.2 (1983)(Bill Yee).b0 15 4K
  Apple II Aeronaut (1984)(Bill Edison).zip 15 26K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum BC Bill (1984)(Imagine Software).tap 14 29K
  Apple II Tranquility Base (19xx)(Bill Budge).zip 13 21K
  Apple II Argos (1983)(Datamost)[cr Buffalo Bill].zip 12 40K
  Sega CD Bill Walsh College Football (U).zip 11 190M
  Commodore VIC20 VIC 20 Micromon v1.2 (1983)(Bill Yee)[b][load-address].40 11 4K
  Commodore 64 Hit Parade CBM 64 Nr.05 - Pecos Bill (19xx)(SIPE)(It)(Side A)[Game 15].tap 9 301K
  Commodore 64 B.C. Bill (1984)(Imagine).prg 9 46K
  Apple II Best of Bill Budge, The (1979)(Bill Budge).zip 9 38K
  Apple II Night Driver (19xx)(Bill Budge).zip 8 11K
  Atari ST Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (19xx)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Medway Boys].st 8 720K
  Atari ST Bill Palmer (19xx)(-)(Fr)[cr STCS].st 7 720K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum Hardway (19xx)(Bill Gilbert).z80 7 33K
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