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Mining For Quota


Mining For Quota is a way to earn quota using your own computer. By running a miner on your computer, you contribute processing power that solves a very tedious mathematical problem. This means that the more processing power you have, the faster you will generate quota. At a relatively fast speed (eg. 100MHash/s), running the miner overnight will produce several gigs of quota.

How To

  1. Register/Login for a NitroRoms Account
  2. Download a Miner
  3. Run the Miner
  4. Make sure you have the NitroRoms Server Selected
  5. Enter your Username and Password
  6. Choose mining device [No Device? See Red Sections.]
  7. Start Mining
  8. And Benefit

How to know it working?

If this worked successfully, you should see reports of a mHash/s. You want the highest possible value you can get. If it's less than 20, make sure you are using your GPU and are on a desktop computer.


If you're getting errors, make sure you have the AMD APP SDK installed

If you have issues!

If you get a DLL Error, make sure you have OpenCL Drivers for your Graphics Card. Search google for "OpenCL {GPU Brand}" (replace {GPU Brand} with your Graphics Card Brand).


The miner uses a lot of processing power, but only while you are running it. You should normally run it while you're not using the computer.

Maximizing Quota

Some people may not get optimal performance by default, so theres a few things to check.

  • Make sure you are using a GPU device. Your CPU is too slow to earn anything significant.
  • If you have multiple GPUs, run miner for each one. This will significantly speed up your earnings.

Redeeming your Quota

Redeeming the quota is easy, just look in your account panel. Convert your funds into Quota. (you can only do this when you reach 1 in funds)

Other Information

The provided GUIMiner is a "pre-configured" variant of GUIMiner

Linux Users, we keep a "pre-configured" Git Repo of GUIMiner: "git clone"

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