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We are asking for people to add boxarts, screenshots, and other related images to the system.

There are many places you can get them, google image search is a good start.

Hopefully as we get more of them, it will be easier to verify what game you´re looking at.
SYS {locale!region} Newest Roms #↓ Size
PS4   Knack.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 146 39G
PS4   Assassins.Creed.IV.Black.Flag.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 161 20G
PS4   Wolfenstein.The.New.Order.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 62 45G
PS4   Call.of.Duty.Ghosts.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 121 31G
PS4   Rayman.Legends.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 56 9G
WIU   New.Super.Mario.Bros.U.USA.WiiU-FAKE.7z 295 23G
PS4   Tomb.Raider.Definitive.Edition.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 64 23G
3DS Tintin_no_Bouken_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 602 415M
3DS Shoshinsha_kara_Nippon_Ichi_made_Soroban_Anzan_Flash_Anzan_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 337 101M
3DS Ryoume_de_Unou_o_Kitaeru_3D_Sokudoku-jutsu_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 329 92M
3DS PazuDora_Z_Gentei_Challenge-ban_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 811 115M
PS4   Infamous.Second.Sun.PS4-WaYsTeD.7z 50 23G
XBO   Watch.Dogs.XBOXONE-WaYsTeD.7z 86 20G
XBO   Metal.Gear.Solid.V.Ground.Zeroes.XBOXONE-WaYsTeD.7z 320 4G
3DS   Funfair_Party_Games_READNFO_EUR_MULTi2_3DS-PUSSYCAT.7z 297 94M
3DS Oshare_Hamster_to_Kurasou_Issho_ni_Odekake_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 244 206M
3DS Fish_Eyes_3D_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 292 289M
NDS   Tsumiki_Block_Drop_Mania_USA_NDS-EXiMiUS.7z 564 23M
3DS Oshigoto_Theme_Park_2_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 264 95M
3DS Dora_Chie_Mini_Dora_Ongakutai_to_7-tsu_no_Chie_JPN_3DS-HR.7z 221 169M

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